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Facebook Campaign & App Development

We design experience for your customer that they will love to stay a little more with you.

Social media marketing is the most powerful marketing tools in the current digital marketing world.To achieve your company’s objectives, a Facebook application can go viral and grasp extended targeted customers. Study shows that  among five Bangladeshi internet users has a Facebook account. Roopokar Creative Studio  is a Facebook App Development Company in Bangladesh and we can assist you to form your unique ideas into a custom made Facebook Application that can enhance the overall business process dramatically.


Why You Need Facebook App Development?

There are 1.5 million people on Facebook & Still Growing

Facebook Application Can Start Conversation About Your Brand

Facebook Application Can Go Viral Over The Extended Network

Facebook Application Can Take Your Brand To The Targeted Customer.


Branding: Facebook is popular amongst various age demographics and tremendous amount of people around the world. A Facebook App can be a great resource for creating brand image to those people which you are intend to reach.

Customer Engagement:  For promotion, Contest, Events and many other option a customized Facebook App can a great showcase for your brand , product or your services.

Web Traffic: Many people may not know about your website but they certainly use Facebook. So if you develop a Facebook App and can engage people to play and share people will then go to you website to check what more option do you have in your website?

Customer Acquisition: Facebook provides an opportunity to find consumers you may have not otherwise discovered. A Facebook App can be used to see what users are saying about you and your brand. In addition the organic search results of the engines can be one of the most essential for the SEO of your site

Client Retention : When you develop an App of any game for any campaign for any social media marketing purposes people will engage one on one conversation with you so you have a great chance to retain as many as possible customer towards your company though the relationship.

Generating Lead: An App can use as potential lead generation tool that can be used to qualify leads. By using effectively an App is a great way to put your impression on the digital world.

The Viral Effect : Take word of mouth publicity to a whole new level. Nothing attracts a crowd like a crowd. Facebook is attracting quite a crowd. So for Social Media Marketing it is an excellent choice to make your of company Facebook Apps and feel the impact of powerful digital marketing.

Why Us:

We can assist you to towards creative and engaging concepts

We assure reasonable price

We maintain time schedule and on time delivery

We have dedicated 24/7 maintenance/support team


Why you need a Facebook Application?

Branding, Customer Engagement, Drive Web Traffic, Reputation Management, New Customer Acquisition, Client Retention for all these reason you definitely need a Facebook Application. Roopokar Creative Studio one of the well-known website development company in Dhaka Bangladesh is providing custom made Facebook Application for your business.

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